Stuff I have made:

Web Tone-tuner

Web Auto-tuner icon. This is a rewrite of my Flash tone-tuner project using HTML5 technology. Anyone with a web-browser can pitch correct their audio files, recordings, and live microphone data. The tuning algorithm comes from Tom Baran's Autotalent program.
I am currently working on this project.
Started January 2022.

C++ Algorithmic Trading Suite

Interactive Brokers icon. This is a collection of C++ programs to trade stocks using algorithms.
The programs use Interactive Brokers to trade in a virtual stock market game.
I am no longer developing this project.
Started January 2011.

Flash Tone-tuner

Flash Auto-tuner icon. This is my first Actionscript 3 project.
The program performs pitch correction on audio files, recordings, and live microphone data.
It is a Flash port of Tom Baran's Autotalent program.
Completed December 2010. (website, inactive)

DayGrab - The daily website created by you. DayGrab is a daily website created by its community.
It is the first dynamic website I made.
In the process I learned html, php, javascript, and various web server tools.
The front page of the site gets designed by someone each day.
Launched May 2010.

Conan O'Brien Commercial (video)

conan commercial contest entry This was my entry in the Conan O'Brien Commercial Contest.
Completed June 2008.

Armed Primates (Flash game)

armed primates Flash game This is my first Flash game.
I learned Flash / Actionscript 2 while making it.
Completed around 2007.