Flash Tone-tuner

Adobe Flash no longer works on most devices!

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  • Import .mp3 or .wav files
  • Record from a microphone
  • Performs pitch correction in realtime with a microphone
  • Save output as .mp3 or .wav files


  • Flash version 10.1 or greater is required, because these versions allow live access to the microphone's byte data.
  • Realtime tuning is CPU intensive.
  • Recording only occurs when the microphone detects sound. This is because the microphone's data is obtained through its SampleDataEvent. The timer on the record button will advance when recording is active. You may need to increase your microphone's sensitivity if the timer stops frequently.


This is a Flash port of MicDroid.
MicDroid is an Android application, and a port of Tom Baran's Autotalent program.
Adobe Alchemy is used to run Autotalent's C code.

Source code for this project is available at:

I had not used Actionscript 3 before this project, so the source code's structure is a little cluttered. The organization of movieclips and classes improved towards the end of the project.